Explorations Vol. 2

Announcing NTQ’s second annual Explorations concert! Join us as we continue to explore new music for saxophones, pushing the ensemble beyond its traditional boundaries.

Explorations Vol. 2 features hyper-modern works by four next-generation compositional voices, with a common theme of “Innovation through Notation.” Karst by Max Grafe charts the dramatic and musical implications of an initial explosive event – a cataclysmic or traumatic occurrence – followed by an exploration of sharply contrasting, but interrelated musical characters. A shout to the Belgian saxophone player and bandleader, Fud Candrix, Taylor Brook’s Flux Candrix toys with musical quotation and stylistic allusion. Adam Mirza explores the highest registers of the instrument, in a new work titled In In In Out, while Chris Fisher-Lochhead showcases the versatility and power of the modern saxophone in Blissing Out – a work notated entirely in tablature.

NTQ Presents Explorations Vol. 2
Thursday, April 20 @ 8pm
DiMenna Center – 450 West 37th Street, New York, NY
Tickets: $10, purchase online

Max Grafe – Karst *world premiere
Taylor Brook – Flux Candrix *world premiere
Chris Fisher-Lochhead – Blissing Out
Adam Mirza – In In In Out *world premiere