Explorations Vol. 3

Our annual Explorations concert returns with Volume 3 of boundary pushing works for saxophone work. This collection of new works by five composers spans a variety of styles, including the use of microtonal scales, spatial staging, multiphonics, polyrhythms and more. The program will feature the world premiere of works Joshua Hyde and Karola Obermuller and commissioned works by Dennis Sullivan and Emily Koh.

NTQ presents Explorations Vol. 3
May 5, 2018 @ 8:30pm
DiMenna Center – 450 West 37th Street, New York, NY
More info on our event page

Dennis Sullivan – As Above, So Below *2018 commission, world premiere
Joshua Hyde – Bring mir einen Engel zurück *world premiere
Emily Koh – (title TBA) *2018 commission, world premiere
Peter Gilbert – Burned into the Orange
Karola Obermuller – Umdrehungen *revised, world premiere

UVA at Spectrum

We had a blast at Spectrum last night. Thanks to the fantastic composers from UVA for the wonderful collaboration: Aaron Stepp, Rebecca Brown, Christopher Luna-Mega, Heather Mease, Eli Stine, Alex Christie, Rachel Devorah Rome, and Ben Luca Robertson. ALSO: huge thanks to Thomas A. Giles for joining us on this concert!

Bringing UVA to Spectrum

This Sunday, NTQ brings exciting new student compositions from our recent UVA residency to the big apple with a performance at Spectrum. The concert program includes innovative compositions with graphic scores, computer directed microtonal pitches, lighting cues and more.

Sunday, Feb 18 @ 7pm
Spectrum NYC – 70 Flushing Avenue, Brooklyn, NY
$10 door
music by Aaron Stepp, Rachel Devorah, Rebecca Brown, Alex Christie, Heather Mease, Christopher Luna-Mega, Ben Luca Robertson, Eli Stine

Thanks University of Mary Washington!

In early February we had the pleasure of visiting the University of Mary Washington for a reading session and discussion with their students Bethel Mahoney, Caroline Flynn, Drake Dragone, Luke Payne, and Sam Bradshaw. It was fantastic to perform their music and talk about writing for saxophone! We spent the afternoon recording Professor Michael Bratt’s Exchanges in the Dead of Night in the university’s studio.

Motivational support in the studio:

UVA Residency was a blast!

New Thread Quartet had a blast visiting UVA’s McIntire Department of Music for a 4-day residency this month. We rehearsed, performed, and recording music by PhD students in the Composition & Computer Technologies program. Their compositions spanned an incredible range of ideas and styles including font-based notation, computer directed composition with just intonation, LED light controlled performance instructions, polyphonic voice/sax glissandi, and more. Thanks to Ryan Muncy for sitting in with use for the visit and congratulations to composers Aaron Stepp, Rachel Devorah, Rebecca Brown, Alex Christie, Heather Mease, Christopher Luna-Mega, Ben Luca Robertson, and Eli Stine!

Thanks Composers Collective!

We had a blast premiere 10 new pieces by members of the Composers Collective last Friday! It’s been quite a project with a range of styles, including one work with just intonation. Special thanks to Rob Harvey for joining us on tenor during this project!

UVA video chat

We had a gerat video chat yesterday with students from the Composition & Computer Technologies program at University of Virginia’s McIntire Department of Music! In early 2018 we’ll be visiting for a 4-day residency to rehearse, perform, and record new works by them.

Not Less Than the Good premiere at The Morgan Library

NTQ is excited to give the premiere performance of David Morneau’s Not Less Than the Good on June 2 at The Morgan Library as part of opening night for their exhibition “This Ever New Self: Thoreau and his Journal”.

Commissioned by New Thread Quartet and composed by David Morneau, Not Less Than the Good is a musical sunrise, a celebration of morning as embraced by Henry David Thoreau in Walden. The music grows from a single quiet note, growing in fullness and depth. Underneath this are sounds recorded during the early morning hours at Walden Pond: a chorus of insects, the lone song of dawn’s first bird which is joined by others in a raucous counterpoint, and the splashing of morning swimmers. The hour-long performance is punctuated by readings of excerpts from Walden, selected as a secular prayer of hope for enlightenment and performed by poet J. D. McClatchy. Not Less Than the Good is composed for the bicentennial of Thoreau’s birth (July 12, 2017).

Not Less Than the Good
for saxophone quartet, synthesizer, recorded sounds, and narration
composed by David Morneau for New Thread Quartet
performed by New Thread Quartet, David Morneau (synthesizer), and J.D. McClatchy (narrator)
Friday, June 2 at 7:30pm
The Morgan Library & Museum – 225 Madison Ave, New York, NY
Tickets: $25 / $20 for members

More information is available on our event page.

Explorations Vol. 2

Announcing NTQ’s second annual Explorations concert! Join us as we continue to explore new music for saxophones, pushing the ensemble beyond its traditional boundaries.

Explorations Vol. 2 features hyper-modern works by four next-generation compositional voices, with a common theme of “Innovation through Notation.” Karst by Max Grafe charts the dramatic and musical implications of an initial explosive event – a cataclysmic or traumatic occurrence – followed by an exploration of sharply contrasting, but interrelated musical characters. A shout to the Belgian saxophone player and bandleader, Fud Candrix, Taylor Brook’s Flux Candrix toys with musical quotation and stylistic allusion. Adam Mirza explores the highest registers of the instrument, in a new work titled In In In Out, while Chris Fisher-Lochhead showcases the versatility and power of the modern saxophone in Blissing Out – a work notated entirely in tablature.

NTQ Presents Explorations Vol. 2
Thursday, April 20 @ 8pm
DiMenna Center – 450 West 37th Street, New York, NY
Tickets: $10, purchase online

Max Grafe – Karst *world premiere
Taylor Brook – Flux Candrix *world premiere
Chris Fisher-Lochhead – Blissing Out
Adam Mirza – In In In Out *world premiere

Wollschleger Recording

NTQ had a blast recording Scott Wollschleger’s Without World over the weekend. This 2o-minute piece is a recent commission that we premiered in mid-2016. We’re very excited to add it to our production pipeline for future releases!

Thanks once again to Jeremy Tressler at Dreamflower for the awesome job engineering our session!